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Otto Julius Klotz

Past Grand Master 

Charitable tax registration 


How To Donate

...he did the good act, not for himself, but for the cause of good.
Otto Klotz, The Craftsman (Hamilton, 15 March 1896)

For the Cause of Good

The Masonic Foundation of Ontario derives financial support through annual donations, periodic campaigns and donations derived from planned gifts such as bequests.

As there are many registered charities, organizations and causes for you to consider when making a charitable donation we are pleased that you may consider making a donation to The Masonic Foundation of Ontario.
As charity is one of the fundamental tenets and principles of Freemasonry all Masons strive to act 'For the Cause of Good'.  With this in mind, The Masonic Foundation of Ontario supports a wide range of causes and projects that are 'For the Cause of Good.' You can be secure in knowing that your donation with be gratefully received and faithfully applied. You may designate your donation or a portion of it to any specific project or projects or simply let your donation be directed by the Foundation as need.
Thank you again for your consideration to the Masonic Foundation of Ontario to be used for 'The Cause of Good.' 

Planned Giving

A philanthropic program by which a donor can arrange a monetary gift now or in the future. Information can be found in our Planned Giving Brochure.

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